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1-3mm calcined bauxite aggregate as anti-skid surfacing materials

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Calcined bauxite for raod surfacing 

High friction surfacing is a highly effective surface treatment which can increase the skid resistance.

After processing, calcined bauxite has better physical hardness and stability, thereby improving its own excellent resistance to abrasion, and is an ideal choice for high friction surface coatings. 

Generally speaking, this application of calcined bauxite is mainly used for anti-skid roads, such as intersections, accident-prone areas, sidewalks and bicycle paths, etc.

The details of our calcined bauxite aggregate

1.Bauxite refractory sand is made from bauxite by high temperature calcinating.

2.Bauxite refractory sand are calcinated in shaft kiln, down-draft kiln and rotary kiln, calcination temperature is about 1450-1600°C. 

3.Bauxite Al2O3 is more than 50%,The main mineral composition is mullite and corundum and trace the cristobalite, etc.

4.Impurity is about 2% Max and Water absorption is about 6% Max.

5.Grain size: 0-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-10mm etc for lump,120 mesh,200mesh,325mesh etc for powder.

The Feature of our calcined bauxite aggregate

1.High temperature resistant,

2.Low impurity,

3.Low water absorption.

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