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About Us

SEPPE PlantWho we are?
SEPPE is a comprehensive industrial manufacturer integrating aluminum oxides and sintered bauxite products development and manufacturing, including brown fused alumina and white fused alumina, foundry ceramic sand, ceramic proppants and activated ceramic ball. These are used in hydraulic fracking wells, abrasive grindings, refractory, foundries and casting plants, with more than hundreds of application worldwide.

What we do?
SEPPE’s mission is to research , manufacture and market reliable, high quality products which are able to provide environmentally sustainable industrial solutions worldwide. We have employees more than 120 people and total area of the enterprise is more than 4,200 sqm. Operating seven production lines to keep the capacity 300,000 tons of aluminium oxide abrasive and sintered bauxite proppants.  We have kinds of BFA like F Grit, P Grit and refractory section sand. The production capacity of BFA is more than 50000MT per year. 

Based on its patented technologies, SEPPE produces fused aluminum oxides, sintered bauxite proppants, and foundry mullite ceramsite etc. Its products are distributed worldwide through subsidiaries and licensees. 

Focus on customer needs, SEPPE value employees dedication and continuously improving to be the best. SEPPE is also increasing its manufacturing capacity in order to fulfill growing orders in a timely manner. We are expanding our global distribution network and marketing, headquartered in Zhengzhou city, to provide a smoother and more reliable delivery from SEPPE plants to the customers all over the world.  You are warmly welcomed to visit our plants !
How we do?
SEPPE’s sustainability strategy is focused on developing innovative and environmentally friendly products capable of competing in a global economy, achieving operational excellence while complying with the highest standards of safety, health and environmental stewardship.

Our focus on sustainability is aligned with our business strategy and with the guiding values of our Company: accountability, innovation, integrity, protecting health, safety and respect of the environment.

Our activities are driven by one goal: to develop solutions that meet the current needs and requirements of markets and society as well as profit for future generations.

The Company policy is geared towards taking responsible decisions and finding innovative ways to enhance positive impacts on local economy and on the environment, supplying Clients with the best available technologies capable of providing lasting positive benefits.

As a globally active Company, SEPPE complies with the laws and environmental standards of the Countries in which it does business and it is committed to respect the ethical norms of Clients and Suppliers.