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  • About SEPPE Calcined Bauxite
    SEPPE Calcined bauxite as refractory materials are widely used in many high-temperature industrial fields, mainly including the following areas:1. Metallurgical industry: Used for lining and insulation layer of equipment such as smelting furnaces, hot blast furnaces, and converters.2. Glass industry
  • Ceramic Proppants Play An Important Role in Oilfield Development
    Ceramic proppants play an important role in oilfield development, mainly in the following aspects:1. * * Improving oil well stability: * * Ceramic proppant can be used for oil well cementing, enhancing wellbore stability, preventing wellbore collapse, and improving formation stability around the wel
  • Unveiling The Marvels of Cenosphere Refractory: Lightweight Yet Robust!
    *Meta Description: Discover the hidden gem in the world of materials—cenosphere refractory! Learn about its unique properties, applications, and why it's the unsung hero of the industry.*How does it transform industrial processes? Let's dive deep into the world of cenosphere refractory and unearth t
  • Unveiling The Power of Calcined Bauxite Refractory Material
    ## ****Calcined bauxite, a crucial component in various industries, undergoes a meticulous heating process, resulting in a durable, high-quality material ideal for refractory applications. Boasting exceptional thermal properties, calcined bauxite is a cost-effective solution for industries requiring
  • About Use of Refractory Grade Calcined Bauxite
    Bauxite refractories are widely used in various industrial fields, mainly including the following aspects:1. ** Metallurgical industry ** : bauxite refractories are often used in high-temperature equipment in the metallurgical industry, such as blast furnaces, electric furnaces, steelmaking furnaces
  • Ceramic Proppant, The Future of Fracturing
    1. Superior Performance: Ceramic Proppant boasts unparalleled strength and stability, ensuring optimal fracture conductivity in even the most demanding conditions. Its performance is a testament to its reliability and efficiency.2. Sustainable Innovation: Embracing sustainability, Ceramic Proppant i
  • Why Choose SEPPE Garnet
    Garnet sand is mostly used for sandblasting, waterFiltration, waterjet cutting & abrasive papers.It is also used in the preparation of non-skid tracks, steps, sports ground surface. It is also used as abrasive media in coated abrasives like grinding wheels and belts that are used in cleaning/polishi
  • 100 tons Alluvial garnet are ready for delivery.
    Alluvial garnet has lower dust, lower salt, lower chloride. Conductivity less than 15ms/m according to ASTM D4940-15.
  • Maximizing your waterjet cutting production
    Maximizing your waterjet cutting production with the best possible edge quality can be achieved with the right equipment settings and the highest quality garnet - SEPPE Garnet™. Find out why our garnet delivers the highest cutting performance and has been the trusted abrasive for various application
  • SEPPE Garnet for Better Surface Integrity
    Maximizing your production with the best possible quality can be achieved with the right equipment settings.Find out why our garnet delivers the highest performance and has been the trusted material for sandblasting/waterjetcutting .It is the right product for cutting hard materials, as it doesn’t l
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