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A Brief Introduction About White Fused Alumina Powder

Views: 96     Author: Bella      Publish Time: 2018-06-30      Origin: SEPPE Technologies

White corundum powder, white, strong cutting force. Chemical stability, and has a good insulation. Scope: wet or dry jet sand, suitable for crystal, the electronics industry, ultra-fine grinding and polishing and production of advanced refractory materials.

Performance and Benefits:

1, does not affect the color of the workpiece;

2, can be used in the process of iron powder is strictly prohibited to blasting;

3, fine powder level is very suitable for wet sandblasting and polishing operations;

4, high processing speed and high quality;

5, containing the amount of iron oxide is very low forbidden iron residue sandblasting operations;

6, after pickling step to remove

White corundum powder Product use:

1, can be used in all kinds of sandblasting and polishing (Lapping) operations;

2, Polly or acrylic art of the atomization of beauty processing;

3, the TV screen process sandblasting;

4, silicon wafer cutting;

5, tooth mold clean sandblasting;

6, precision casting with sand;

7, senior refractory materials and other ceramic additives;

8. Advanced grinding and polishing.

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