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AL2O3: Refractory Skin of Metallurgical Equipment

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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the demand for environmental materials in the chemical industry will heighten. 

Specially, in the metallurgical industry, refractory grade calcined bauxite also has a wide application prospect. Smelting metal requires high-temperature. Hoever, what if the metallurgical equipment itself smeltd by heat? So it is very important to protect the equipment itself from hot solution.

Due to alumina has good adsorption performance, chemical stability, good performance in acid resistance and refractoriness, so it can be used to manufacture various refractory products like castables, firebricks, cement, fibers and so on. It is undramatic to say that AL2O3 is the refractory skin of metallurgical equipment. Sure, it is a metaphor, But it isn't dramatic.

Think about that if the shoddy bauxite products (maybe unqualified content of alumina) used in processing, somewhere in the inner equipment would be smelted by utra-heat solution. Therefore, the reliable supplier is indispensable for you.


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