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About Bauxite Clinker

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Bauxite clinker is a solid material calcined at high temperature in rotary kiln. The main purpose of calcination is to remove crystal water and increase alumina content.

The clinker is gray, light yellow and dark gray bauxite clinker. According to specifications, bauxite clinker can be divided into powder in different mesh (manufacturers can produce various specifications according to customer requirements).

High bauxite clinker has a fire resistance as high as 1780℃, strong chemical stability, good physical properties and remarkable fire resistance effect, so it is widely used as refractories and anti-corrosion materials in metallurgical industry. 

Clinker is processed into fine powder, made into mold and then precision cast, which is used in military industry, aerospace, communication, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment departments.

The fire resistance effect is excellent, and its performance is better than that of ordinary clay refractory materials.

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