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About Use of Refractory Grade Calcined Bauxite

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Calcined Bauxite refractories are widely used in various industrial fields, mainly including the following aspects:

1. ** Metallurgical industry ** : bauxite refractories are often used in high-temperature equipment in the metallurgical industry, such as blast furnaces, electric furnaces, steelmaking furnaces, etc., for protecting and lining the inner wall of these equipment to prevent corrosion and wear at high temperatures.

2. ** Glass industry ** : Glass melting furnaces are another main use area, bauxite refractories can be used to build the lining of glass furnaces to resist the corrosion of glass molten liquid at high temperatures.

3. ** Cement industry ** : In the cement production process, high temperature kiln is a very important equipment, bauxite refractory materials are used in the lining of the kiln, to help maintain the stable operation of the kiln at high temperature.

4. ** Chemical industry ** : bauxite refractories are also used in petrochemical and other fields of high-temperature reaction equipment, furnaces and so on.

5. ** Other industries ** : In addition to the above industries, bauxite refractories are also widely used in iron and steel, thermal power generation, ceramics, aluminum and other high-temperature industries.

In general, the main role of bauxite refractories is to provide high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, protect high temperature equipment from the impact of high temperature and corrosion, to ensure equipment life and performance.

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