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About Welding Grade Calcined Bauxite Powder

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Welding fluxes are a small but valuable market for calcined bauxite. Techniques for submerged arc welding require the use of a granular flux to shield the molten weld pool rom the atmosphere during the weld's application or pacement.  Various proprietary compositions exist and in some cases SEPPE calcined bauxite is incorportated into these formulations. Calcined bauxite may, in some instances, make up to 25% of the welding flux.

Welding grade bauxite has tight regulation on presence of sulfur and phosphorus which are detrimental to the weld. When present at high concentrations, they induce porosity and cracking, and at lower concentrations, they adversely affect the impact strength of the weld. And moisture for welding grade bauxite should not exceed 0.5% because the potential for any moisture present withthin the flux to reduce to hydrogent, if exposed to a welding arc, the molten weld pool absorbs the hydrogen and will induce brittleness into the weld.


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