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Advantages of Garnet Media Blasting

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If you’ve ever had to refinish iron furniture, then you know just how difficult a task this can be. In addition to the work needed to strip your furniture of its old paint, there is the possibility that the new paint will run or that an imperfection you missed will ruin the entire project. Fortunately, if you want to restore your iron furniture easily and effectively, you can use garnet media blasting.

Garnet Media blasting is one of the most effective restoration methods that there is, restoring your iron furniture to its original luster.

The biggest advantage of garnet media blasting is that it can be done much more quickly than other restoration methods. As long as your furniture can stand up to the process, it is a candidate for garnet media blasting. First, your furniture or other items will be stripped of its existing paint with garnet media blasting. Garnet media blasting is more effective than other sand blasting because it can more easily remove the paint without posing a risk to your furniture.

One of the biggest reasons people choose garnet media blasting is also one of the biggest advantages of this process. Garnet sandblasting allows you to completely restore even the most rusted furniture. This means you won’t have to sacrifice your beloved iron pieces when they start to look worn. Garnet allows you to strip imperfections and rejuvenate your iron furniture.

Another advantage of this process is that it can be used on a variety of products. It means you can either restore your furniture’s original look or give it a completely new aesthetic.

For restoring old, worn items, there’s almost no better choice than garnet media blasting and powder coating.

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