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Alluvial River Garnet Sand

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Waterjet sand, full name of water jet cutting abrasive. Mixing sand into water flow to form waterjet abrasives to cut metal or other materials. Waterjet sand with particle size of 30-150 mesh is usually used as abrasives. Garnet with particle size of 80-100 mesh is the most commonly used.

The properties and characteristics of abrasive particles become the most important factors because the abrasive shoulders more than 90% of the cutting work. Garnet sand with a particle size of 60-100 mesh is quite commonly used abrasive. The harder the abrasive, the shorter the nozzle life, which is why emery with greater hardness is rarely used.

Uniform granularity, improving cutting efficiency. Scientific control of particle size and good cutting performance. High purity, low dust, good environmental protection, low equipment damage and comprehensive cost saving.

SEPPE continuously provides high-quality water-jet sand, improving cutting efficiency, reducing the use and maintenance cost of water-jet cutting machine, to ensure that customers stand out in today's fierce market competition.


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