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Application Of SEPPE Garnet

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Sand Blasting: In the process of surface preparation, SPEEP Garnet is blasted on to the surface of the steel with the use of high pressure compressed air. This process creates a profile, which in turn helps in extending the life of the coating. Garnet is the prescribed abrasive for oil companies, petrochemical tank works, offshore platforms, pipelines, heavy equipment repair, industrial parts cleaning and ship building companies.


Waterjet Cutting: SPEEP Garnet is the only abrasive that can be used in water jet cutting machines, widely used in cutting of marble, granite, artificial stones, concrete, aluminum, high strength steel and steel bridge decking, automotive glass, plastic laminates, aerospace composites, etc.


Water Filtration: Because of its unique grain structure, our product is also used as a filtering media in water treatment facilities.


Other Applications:

Used in Industrial Flooring for its anti-skid properties.

SPEEP Garnet is used for polishing glass face plates of televisions, computer monitors and optical glasses. Polishing and Precision Finishing of high pressure valves and for artistic engraving or matting of surfaces such as glass, marble, granite, etc.

Also, it is used in high-quality coated and bonded abrasives such as abrasive papers, wheels, etc.

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