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Application of Brown Corundum Abrasives in Polishing Industry

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As the raw material of work-pieces surface grinding and polishing, brown fused aluminum also boasts some characters such as an intermediate toughness, a quite good sharpness, and an excellent durability.


Brown corundum polishing abrasive is mainly used for the rough polishing of the work-pieces surface, and sometimes for the further polishing.It is generally used for grinding the surface of the work-pieces, such as burr, flash and oxide layer, so that the remaining part of the surface of the polished product is removed. When we select the brown corundum polishing abrasive, there are there major factors we should consider: 

1, As for work-piece raw material, its adaptability should be mentioned, because some work-pieces can not only polished by brown fused aluminum.


2, The shape of the work-piece should be considered,too. Because if there are some special shapes such as holes and screw threats,the requirement of abrasive quality is simultaneously increasing.


3,All the aspects during manipulating should be considered, because of the uncertainty of  the various factors.


The specifications and models of polishing abrasive are divided into many types. Its purpose is to make different work-pieces getting a proper polishing.  Such as triangular polishing abrasives, cylindrical polishing abrasives and spherical polishing abrasives, as well as the cubic shape, oblique triangle and so on. Generally speaking, people would rather use polishing abrasives with different types of polishing machines to get a good polishing effect than use it only.

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