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Applications of Cenospheres

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Cenospheres, which are the by-product of hard coal combustion, have a variety of applications due to their special properties.Cenospheres are used to reduce weight and increase the strength of concrete, resins, plastics, ceramics, paints, coatings and many other products including house panels & siding.

1)The predominant application for cenospheres involves in the oil and gas industry.

2)The cenospheres are also used in the construction industry for the manufacture of ultra-light and aerated concrete.

3)Another area of application of the cenosphere in the production of coatings is the creation of “warm” colors with low thermal conductivity as provided by the respective properties of cenospheres.

4)Manufacture of abrasive tools: highly porous grinding wheels featuring closed design and high performance.

5)In addition,automotive and aviation industry,etc.


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