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Artificial Bauxite Sand

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  Artificial bauxite sand is made from bauxite with other raw material. It has high strength, good fire resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, excellent air permeability. So artificial bauxite sand is widely employed as casting sand and proppant.

Used for Foundry and Casting:

1. Artificial bauxite sand has small thermal expansion coefficient, good performance as zircon sand;

2. Spherical appearance with good liquidity and better ventilation;

3. Smooth surface with compact structure, uniformly covered of adhesive;

4. It is a neutral materials that can be used with acids, bases or binders;

5. Can be recycled, cost-effective;

6. Price is only 25-50% of chromite sand and zircon sand. Meanwhile, sand is spherical with small surface area, so the added amount of the resin can be reduced by 30-50% and the added amount of sodium silicate ≤4%; and reducing casting defects caused by the binder and improving the output of castings;

7. High refractoriness, easy collapsing;

8. The fire resistance of mullite in the bauxite sand is much better than other sintered products;

9. Good thermal conductivity and stability without cracks;

10. Wide applications. Used for polishing and cleaning of resin sand, sodium silicate sand, clay sand, EPC, investment casting, copper and aluminum.

Used for Oil and Gas Well:

Artificial bauxite sand can be used as proppant mainly for the supporting in oil wll downhole to increase the output of oil and gas. Bauxite proppants is made from bauxite, an advantaged resource in China, and processed by batching, grinding, granulating, drying and firing. It has the features of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, excellent conductivity, etc.

  We can supply bauxite oil fracture proppants in full range. Customers' specific requirements are also acceptable in term of size, density and other properties.

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