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BFA And Garnet For Sandblasting

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Brown corundum is an artificial abrasive, while garnet is a natural abrasive; Brown corundum is made by bauxite and carbon materials, iron filings in a 2200 ℃ electric arc furnace at high temperature. It is brownish red or reddish brown. Garnet abrasives are extracted from rock minerals and processed into various particle sizes through a series of processes. It belongs to natural ores and is red.

1.Different hardness

The hardness of brown corundum is 9 Mohs; The hardness of garnet abrasive is 7.5-8 Mohs;

2.Different colors

From the naked eye, the color of brown corundum abrasive is brownish red and the crystal is pure, while the sample color of garnet abrasive is dark red with mixed colors;

3.Different fire resistance

The fire resistance of brown corundum is 1900 ℃, and after high-temperature firing, the grinding tools made will not show cracks or other phenomena; Garnet abrasive is a natural abrasive with low fire resistance, and its toughness and hydrophilicity are not as good as brown corundum. Therefore, the grinding tools made from it will appear cracks and other phenomena after high-temperature firing.

Both have their own advantages as sandblasting abrasives. Brown fused alumina has high hardness, is more wear-resistant to use, and can be reused more times; Garnet has a slightly lower hardness and is an ideal material for removing paint, oil stains, and oxide layers;

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