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BFA And WFA For Sand Blasting

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BFA And WFA For Sand Blasting 

Abrasive blasting is an mechanical operation of cleaning or preparing a surface by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material on the surface using a compressed gas (typically air) or pressurized liquid (typically water) as a propellant. Abrasive grains used for the blasting operation ranges from coarse grits to micron sized particle depending upon the operation and desired results.


SEPPE abrasive grains due to it high hardness, toughness and strength combined with sharp edged grains, self sharpening characteristics and high resistant to mechanical wear and tear increases the mechanical efficiency to surface cleaning and surface preparation and increases the recyclability of the grains thereby reducing the dust generation during dry blasting to minimal. These characteristics of the SEPPE sharp grains along with its excellent chemical inertness makes it an ideal blasting media for all blasting operations.


Typical Application


Valves casing cleaning

Foundry industry for cleaning of casting.

Textile industry for machine part finishing before plasma coating

Cleansing of instrumental coating.

Surface preparation before electroplating

Cleaning of automotive part before painting

Etching surface before metal spraying

Production of opaque glasses

Pressure blasting of granites and marble for engraving purpose.

Turbine blade blasting

Nonstick cookware blasting prior to coating

For Heat treatment casting.

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