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BFA Multifunctional Proccessing Materials

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Small grit, big effect. In this article, you would like to learn advantages of SEPPE brown fused aluminum. 

1. High hardness: the hardness of brown fused aluminum is related to alumina content. The higher the alumina content, the higher the hardness. In other words, the grinding effect is excellent.

2. Low loss: BFA has strong toughness, so the loss of abrasive is small. Moreover, due to its high wear resistance, it can be reused many times. Relatively recyclable.

3. Environmentally friendly: even if repeated use till the end of the abrasive effect, it still can be recycled to the refractory industry as certain additives. You can make it refractory bricks , castables or cement and so on (of course it need under the fine process), which is environmentally friendly and can reduce the production cost of enterprises.

4. The surface treatment quality is great: whether in grinding or polishing, the BFA abrasives can quickly enter the dirty place on the surface to derust through the operation of the grinding machine, and quickly remove the pollutants on the surface of the workpiece. It can remove rust, polish and improve the performance of the workpiece.

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