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BFA: What Affect Cutting Discs Performance

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Cutting disc looks like grinding wheel, but it's thinner. It is made of abrasives and binder, which used to cut common hard materials such as steel, stainless steel or iron etc.

Artificial corundum is a high-quality raw material for cutting discs. As common material for cutting discs, brown fused aluminum is excellent in cutting performance thank to its Mohs hardness as high as 9. The cutting head can cut because it contains BFA. So the cutting disc is thin and elastic in texture and it feels sharper when cutting.

The higher content of alumina, the harder the BFA. Without enough hardness, the cutting effect would be affected. Irregular supperlier maybe make the content of alumina not enough for cutting needs.

SEEPE BFA products are produced by a reduction fusion of high quality bauxites in electric arc furnaces. High alumina 95%. Specification customized by your needs.

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