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Benefits Of Using A Garnet Abrasive

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Heavier and harder than other blasting abrasives, garnet abrasives provide increased durability. These abrasives can be recycled efficiently and they cut faster, which reduces a project’s time and cost. Garnet abrasives are natural and inert, and they contain no heavy metals. They also produce less dust than other abrasives. Garnet abrasives leave a clean surface that is practically free of embedded particles which allow coatings to adhere better to the surface and last longer. Garnet usually has less than 1% free silica and is low dusting, making it more environmentally friendly than other blasting media. It is also more cost-effective than alternative abrasives. In addition, garnet abrasives do not draw moisture and will not react with coatings. These abrasives are available in a variety of sizes and grades making them suitable for a variety of tasks.

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