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Calcined Bauxite for Fireproof Castables Building Glue

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When you need to stick something together, glue is your assistant. Use a metaphor for reference. This text compare castables to glue of building materials.

This special glue made of bauxite powder with high alumina. Refractory castable is a high aluminum material used to fill, repair or build buildings, structures or equipment. It is usually poured into the target position in the form of liquid or semi-solid and then solidified to form a solid structure.

The castable can be liquid, such as concrete castable and polymer castable, or semi-solid such as refractory castable etc. But the commonest form is powder. These materials have certain fluidity and plasticity, and can fill gaps molds or structures. Then it form solid structures after pouring. 

What decieds the quality of the castables? Surely, bauxite, the raw materials of castables. The quality of bauxite products directly influence the effect of castables. It is because of bauxite that castables are high fire resistance, high temperature resistance, high wear resistance and high strength. Bauxite products bocast these advantages.


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