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Can white corundum powder be recycled?

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White corundum is used in grinding and polishing applications because of its stable chemical properties, good insulation and strong grinding power, but for the grinding and polishing of white corundum powder, many people should be more concerned about whether the white corundum powder can be recycled. Because the price of white corundum powder is pretty high.

It can be used repeatedly as sandblasting abrasive. It is mainly related to the material to be sandblasted, the particle size of the powder, the hardness and level of the powder. For example, 24 mesh, 36 mesh white corundum powder can be used more than 8 times in most cases. The smaller the particle size is, the fewer times it can be recycled.

White corundum powder recycling times is not only related to the particle size, and the role of the material also has a great influence. If the material is very hard, then the white corundum powder will be very obvious passivated, so the wastage of corundum will be very serious and the recycling times will be reduced accordingly.

Nowadays, the relevant department pays more and more attention to environmental protection, using high quality white corundum powder is the only way to avoid the large area of dust during sand blasting, and at the same time the high utilization times can save the cost for the enterprise.

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