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Cenosphere Important Role in Drilling Cementing

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Drilling cementing refers to the construction operation of running big pipe into the wall and injecting cement into the space between the well and pipe. This is to seal the space between the wall and the pipe, so as to seal off the oil, gas or water layers and make the pipe a passage for oil or gas to the well entrance.

Cenosphere , as one of the core raw materials of drilling cement, take an important role indeed. It is added to the drilling cement to improve cementing performance, for the small gaps in the cement are well filled and the cementing quality is sured.

SEPPE Cenospheres are hard and rigid, light, waterproof, innoxious, and insulative. This makes them highly useful in a variety of products, notably fillers. We are experienced at this field.

The petrochemical industry has certain risks, so the requirements for raw materials are strict. Cement used for petrochemical industry should be produced by qualified manufacturers.

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