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Cenosphere in Refractory Materials

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The main chemical components of the cenosphere are oxides of silicon and aluminum, of which silicon dioxide is about 50-65% and aluminum trioxide is about 25-35%. Because the melting point of silicon dioxide is as high as 1725 degrees Celsius, and the melting point of aluminum trioxide is 2050 degrees Celsius, both of which are highly refractory substances.

Hence, cenosphere have extremely high refractoriness, generally reaching 1600-1700 degrees Celsius, making them extraordinarily fireproof performance.

The natural particle size of cenosphere is 1-250 microns, which is about roughly the same as cement. Therefore, the cenosphere can be used directly without grinding. The fineness can meet the needs of various products. In this field , cenosphere have advantages.

SEPPE cenospheres are a kind of hollow beads extracted from fly ash, accounting for about 1%~3% of the total amount of fly ash. Due to its unique formation conditions, it has multiple functions such as closed and smooth surface, thin and hollow wall, light weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, and high fire resistance. It has been widely used in many fields such as building materials, chemical industry, and functional materials. 


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