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Cenosphere widely used in many industrials

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1. For Painting

The drift beads used in the coating can effectively control infrared radiation. Adding drift beads water-based intumescent coating on structural steel helps to make the coating and carbon layer structure more dense, effectively reduce the transfer of heat source to the metal surface, with better heat shielding performance and better high temperature oxidation resistance, greatly improving the service life of steel structures.

2. For Oil Field Indursty

Drift beads can effectively improve the flowability and reduce the density of slurry in oilfield. It is primarily used to reduce weight and act as a filler lubricant in high heat and stress conditions downhole. Low density reduces slumping and sagging. Improves flowability and reduces viscosity; reduces the likelihood of fracturing, stuck pipe and leakage.

3. For Construction Use

Drift beads are often used as an additive in the production of concrete, providing additional strength and sound insulation, effectively reducing noise transmission, promoting fire protection and reducing heat loss.

4. For Refractory Materials

Due to its physical and chemical properties, drift beads are often used as a raw material for the manufacture of refractory and insulating materials.

5. For Friction Industry

Higher compressive strength to improve safety by stabilizing friction. Control vibration as an inert filling material.

Reduces wear and improves the overall life of products.

6. For Plastics

Reinforcing fillers, developing lightweight composites, acting as weight reducers and brighteners.

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