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Ceramic Proppants Play An Important Role in Oilfield Development

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Ceramic proppants play an important role in oilfield development, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Improving oil well stability:  Ceramic proppant can be used for oil well cementing, enhancing wellbore stability, preventing wellbore collapse, and improving formation stability around the wellhead.

2. Enhanced reservoir fixation force:  By using ceramic proppants during water or gas flooding, the reservoir fixation force can be enhanced, preventing crack blockage, increasing reservoir permeability, and promoting oil and gas recovery.

3. Improving oil recovery efficiency:  Ceramic proppant can fill formation cracks or pores, reduce formation porosity, increase formation density, improve oil and gas migration characteristics, and thus improve oil recovery efficiency.

4. Reduce water flooding effect:  Adding ceramic support agents during water flooding can reduce the relative permeability of water, slow down water flooding effect, prolong oil well production time, and improve operational efficiency.

5. Reduce formation fracturing frequency:  Using ceramic proppant can increase the stability of formation fractures, reduce the frequency of formation fracturing, save costs, and improve mining efficiency.

In summary, ceramic proppant is an important auxiliary measure in oilfield development by strengthening the wellbore, improving formation stability, and improving permeability, helping to improve oilfield development efficiency, prolong oilfield life, and reduce production costs.

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