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Chemical Composition And Its Influence Of Calcined Bauxite

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Aluminum oxide is the main component of bauxite, and the higher the content of aluminum oxide, the higher the fire resistance. Silicon oxide is mostly present as aluminum silicate in clay, with a small amount present as free silicon oxide. Free silicon oxide can weaken the plasticity and bonding strength of clay. Iron minerals (iron oxide) are the most common harmful impurities in refractory clay, which can reduce the fire resistance and slag resistance of products and cause molten scars in refractory products.

Calcium magnesium carbonate and sulfate minerals can reduce the fire resistance of clay, increase the shrinkage rate of the product during firing, reduce the load softening temperature, and cause cracks in the product when the content is high. Titanium dioxide has different effects in the refractory clay with different levels of content. An appropriate amount of titanium oxide can act as a flux during sintering and promote sintering, but excessive titanium dioxide can reduce the fire resistance and generate network cracks.

When the content of potassium oxide and sodium oxide is high in clay, it can reduce the load softening temperature of the product. Organic matter is one of the common impurities in clay, and when the content is too high, it can reduce the slag resistance of the product and increase the loss on ignition.

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