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China To Announce First Llist Of Regulation Compliant Refractory Companies

Views: 81     Author: ALBERT LI      Publish Time: 2017-12-14      Origin: INDUSTRIAL MINERALS

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ended the public notification period for the first list of refractory companies that comply to the regulated conditions of the industry, and will soon announce the official list for the first time.

The list was submitted by refractory companies first, then checked and approved by professional teams and provincial ministries. The decisions of who made it onto the list were made according to the China Refractory Industry’s Regulated Conditions (2014 edition) and Management Measures of Refractory Industry.

The publication of the list of companies is in line with China's ongoing efforts to curb pollution from heavy industry across the country, which has led to widespread environmental controls and shutdowns that affected mineral processing this year.

The biggest production lines on the list include the normal magnesia line of 242,000 tonnes per year and high purity magnesia line of 265,000 tpy from Haicheng Magnesite Refractory General Factory, which is also the main consolidation body of the magnesite resource in Haicheng.

This was followed by the Mg/CO unburnt brick line of 260,000 tpy from Yingkou Jinlong Group, the unshaped refractory line of 180,000 tpy from Puyang Refractories Group Co. and the unshaped refractory line of 150,000 tpy from Beijing Lier High Temperature Material Co.

Total production from Haicheng Magnesite Refractory General Factory reached 776,000 tpy, including 80,000 tpy of fused magnesia, 91,000 tpy of middle class magnesia and 98,000 tpy of unshaped refractory.

Of all the 42 production lines to be approved in the list, 19 are in Henan Province, 11 are in Liaoning Province, one in Beijing, three in Jiangsu, three in Zhejiang, two in Shandong and three in Hunan.

The production lines included in the list cover all kinds of refractory products including magnesia of different classes, unshaped refractory, alumina, alkali refractory, synthetic spinal, aluminum brick, Mg/CO brick and so on.

The total production of all the companies to be approved on the list is 2.656 million tonnes per year.

Other parts of the announcement will also include the suggested 10th list of companies to pass cement industry regulation conditions and the 8th list of companies to pass flat glass industry regulation conditions.

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