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Coatings with High Alumina in Thermal Baffle

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The molten iron just entering the furnace is above1250-1350 temperature. The freezing point of molten steel is 1064℃, and the smelting point of steel is 1500℃.

The steelmaking furnace is full of smolten steel. Why won't it be melted too just like the steel? The reason is that the coatings containing aluminum is added to the insulation layer. The smelting point of aluminum is 1700-1800℃, and its melting point is higher than that of iron, so iron becomes smolten iron and the stove is not affected. 

Aluminum coatings have excellent refractoriness, decoration and protection. And they are widely used in many kinds of industries. Its main component is aluminum. There is an alumina layer on its surface, which makes it have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 

SEPPE calcined bauxite has many advantages in coatings. It has good fire resistance and can remain stable at high temperature. In addition, our products also have excellent protection, which can effectively protect the surface from corrosion and damage.

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