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Features And Applications Of SEPPE Ceramic Foundry Sand

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Ceramic Foundry Sand

Features of Durable ceramic foundry sand

As solid spherical sand, the surface area is small. Good fluidity, easy to fill and close-grained without dead space when producing sand mould and sand core. It can reduce defects, increase the overall yield of casting and lower the cost of casting material.

High refractoriness, low coefficient of thermal expansion with good stability under high temperature. During the process of foundry, the sand is easily dispersed, easy to clean, no sintering and gluing on the casting, which reduce the deformation of the casting, reduce the clean-up work.

The sand is man-made by melting under high temperature, so it has stable chemical parameter, unified physical properties.

No cracking under high temperature, high solidness, high recycling usage rate.

Applications of SEPPE ceramic foundry sand

Widely used in foundry technique like resin-bonded sand, sodium silicate sand, and clay-bonded sand for sand core and casting mould making.

Widely used as the main raw materials of advanced refractory products .


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