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Filtration and sandblasting of garnet sand

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Advantages of Garnet Filter Media

The specific gravity of the garnet filter media is between 4.1-4.4g/cm3, and its high specific gravity enables it to withstand the buoyancy of water and high-intensity washing pressure, it is mainly used in the position of the bottom filter material in the multi-media filtration system and plays a key role in the water quality of the filtration link.

The multi-edge characteristics of the garnet filter media make the accumulation of numerous particles form a very ideal porosity. Compared with the oval or round filter media, the garnet filter media has a stronger dirt interception capacity and a faster filtration speed. Garnet has gradually been recognized by the public in terms of sewage treatment, water purification and filtration. It is believed that as people's recognition of the advantages of garnet filter media will be widely promoted in this field.

Application of garnet in sandblasting industry

Garnet sandblasting has a wide range of applications. It can be used in the field of sandblasting and rust removal of steel plates, ships, pipelines, etc., mainly as a metal surface treatment for large-scale equipment such as ship repairing and shipbuilding. Many stone industries use garnet sandblasting instead of brown corundum, which is more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective.

At present, the main customers are steel structure companies, stone processing companies, power plants, etc. At the same time, sandblasted garnet can not only be used for sandblasting and rust removal, but also for sandblasting and decontamination, grinding steel, etc., for the preparation of the metal surface of large complete sets of equipment and the maintenance of ships.

Garnet waterjet sand is selected from hard rocks. After many times of crushing, the edges and corners are sharper and the cutting speed is faster. The incision is more complete. Garnet sand is a cost-effective abrasive, and it is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic abrasive with high hardness.

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