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Heavy rainstorm hit Henan

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Within the last week, the northern part of Henan Province was hit by a once-in-a-thousand-year heavy rainstorm, which caused heavy damage across the region, even many people lost their lives in this heavy rainstorm. Fortunately, rescue forces from all over the country as well as rescue supplies responded quickly and rushed to Zhengzhou to rescue the trapped people. However, people did not expect that the city of Xinxiang, located in the north of Zhengzhou, suffered from the heavy rainfall no less than Zhengzhou, but what warmed the hearts of the people of Xinxiang was that rescue workers and rescue supplies from all directions quickly gathered in Xinxiang and removed all the water from the city within three days.


As a Xinxiang company, we ourselves have suffered heavy losses in this rainstorm, but our company has always set store by overall interests and organized our staff to actively participate in volunteer activities. At the same time our production work has been affected and we are actively repairing various equipment to resume production as soon as possible.


At last, we would like to express our highest respect to all the rescue workers and volunteers, and our sorrowful condolences to the victims.

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