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High AL2O3 Castables Protection of Precision Parts

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Precision casting is to pour metal solution into a sand box made in advance, then use the gap of its to form precision workpiece.

Well, like any double-edged sword effect, you need to know that the metal solution is extraordinary heat! High temperatures above 1,500. In precision casting process, high-temperature refractory castable is essential because it protects the mold itself from being destroyed and melted by ultra-high heat metal solution.

SEPPE is experienced at refractory industries. Rotary kiln calcined bauxite is obtained by calcining superior grade bauxite at high temperature (from 850ºC to 1600ºC) in the rotary kiln. This removes moisture thereby increasing the alumina content.  It has a very high status in the field of refractory materials. Excellent performance in refractoriness. Customized different alumina content and particle size according to different customer needs.

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