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How Cenospheres Play A Role In The Construction Industry

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For years, cenospheres have been a useful additive to concrete for the manufacture of ultra-light and aerated concrete, providing additional strength, and or sound insulation, whilst also lowering density.

In theory, cenospheres can replace some of the normal-weight sand used in concrete. Cenospheres have a density that is less than water (averaging 0.7 vs. Water’s 1.0); quartz sand particles typically have a density of about 2.65. This means that 1 pound of cenospheres takes up the same absolute volume as about 3.8 lbs. of sand.

Cenospheres are used in building materials to lighten concrete, while maintaining a compressive strength of 30 MPa at a density of 1.6 T / m3, improving their tightness and reducing their sound transmission.

Cenospheres are also used to improve the thermal and sound insulation qualities of plasters, mortars and plasters, used for walls, floors and ceilings. An addition of 40% volume cenospheres halves the noise transmission coefficient.

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