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How Effective is Copper Slag Abrasive?

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Copper slag is a by-product created during the copper smelting and refining process. As refineries draw metal out of copper ore it produces a large volume of non-metallic dust, soot and rock, collectively known as copper slag, which can be used across a wide variety of applications in the building and industrial fields.

SEPPE's Copper Slag is a very common low cost, expendable abrasive which contractors use to remove unwanted finishes or residue including rust, paint and other materials from the surface of metal or stone, which helps prepare the material's surface for painting.

SEPPE's Copper Slag is a quality material and is a popular alternative blasting medium in industrial cleaning to sand. Companies can additionally use copper slag to clean large smelting furnaces or equipment utilising blasting or high-pressure spraying techniques.

One of the primary advantages to SEPPE's Copper Slag is the low health and environmental risks it poses unlike silica sand - the most popular blasting medium - or concrete which contribute to pollution and other environmental concerns in addition to causing serious health risks when inhaled.

Typical applications of SEPPE's Copper Slag:

Sandblasting and surface preparation
Grinding wheels (20/50 medium)
Corrosion cleaning
Garment and textile blasting
Jean and clothing sandblasting
Offshore oil pipeline blasting
Waterjet cutting deepsea structures
Pipeline blasting
Golf course filler - ballast for artificial turf (30/60)
Additive to make high density concrete for nuclear shielding (40/120)
Paints and coatings
Blast cleaning
Asphault anti-skid additive (30/60)


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