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How To Choose Good Raw Materials for Castables

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Nowadays global castables are developing towards high-efficiency thermal insulation. Aluminum castables are a special kind. Using magnesia and bauxite clinker as raw materials, adding appropriate binders, the effect is very good for castables.

Aluminum castables have excellent refractoriness, decoration and protection. And they are widely used in many kinds of industries. Its main component is aluminum. There is an alumina layer on its surface, which makes it have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

How to choose good raw materials for castables? Well, you need to consider the hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance of the raw materials(mainly calcined bauxite). Then, you are suggested that choose good quality brands and regular suppliers to avoid the appearance of shoddy bauxite products.

SEPPE calcined bauxite has many advantages in castables. It has good fire resistance and can remain stable at high temperature. In addition, our products also have excellent protection, which can effectively protect the surface from corrosion and damage.

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