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How To Recognize High Quality Oil Fracturing Proppant

Views: 2     Author: Bella     Publish Time: 2018-07-14      Origin: SEPPE Technologies

SEPPE produces oil fracturing proppant which is the best quality materials. Then how to recognize high quality oil fracturing proppant?

1. Roundness and sphericity, roundness proppant particle angular representation Relative sharpness, sphericity refers to the degree spherical sand and similar. Roundness and sphericity visual method used to determine, generally at 10 to 20 times the microscope or using microscopic photography to take pictures, and then with a standard round, sphericity comparison chart to determine the circle of sand, sphericity. With a round, when the ball is not good proppant, fracture permeability sand fill its poor and easily broken edges, crushed into small particles can clog the pores, reducing its permeability.

2. Hydraulic fracturing proppant particle size is not a single, but there are certain limits, the degree. If the proppant separation is poor, plugging seepage channel, affecting fill sand fracture conductivity, so the particle size and sub-level election proppants are certain requirements. Domestic mines 20/40 proppant used, for example, at least 90% after sieving sand located between 20 to 40 mesh, and require more than first mesh sand weight of less than 0.1%, but less than last an amount of not more than 1% sieve.

3. The relative density of the proppant particles to be low, to facilitate pumped downhole proppant particles at a temperature of 200 degrees, with the fracturing fluid and the reservoir fluid chemical reaction does not occur, the acid solubility of the maximum permissible value should be less than 7% .

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