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How To Store Calcined Bauxite Powder

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1. Storage conditions

The storage of calcined bauxite powder requires low temperature, low humidity, and good ventilation. Usually, the most suitable storage temperature is 15-25 ℃ and the relative humidity is not higher than 60%. At the same time, in order to prevent long-term storage from causing the calcined bauxite powder to absorb moisture and become soft, it is recommended to install a dehumidification device in the storage equipment.

2. Storage container

The storage container for bauxite powder should be selected with good sealing performance, hard material texture, and anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion capabilities. Usually, materials such as plastic bags, paper bags, cardboard boxes, etc. are common storage containers. However, it should be noted that the storage container must be clean and hygienic, and all debris and harmful gases inside the container must be cleaned.

3. Storage location

The storage location of calcined bauxite powder should be selected in a dry, ventilated, moisture-proof, and pollution-proof place. Try to avoid direct sunlight and prevent the expansion and deformation of bauxite powder due to moisture.

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