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How is white corundum powder made

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Due to its hardness and wear-resisting character, white corundum is widely used in industrial field especially the powder grade.Although it has a higher price, it also used in many fields even in aviation industry. Do you know the process of making white corundum powder. Now, let me introduce to you all.

1. Smashing

Putting a group of hardened steel ball with different diameter into the roller with industrial alumina powder. And then, adding some water as well as putting in the rubber seal.When you start the roller, the steel ball will crush these abrasives.


2. Acid Pickling and Water Washing

The main goal here is to wipe off iron impurity in abrasive.


3. Sorting

Take water separation in a glass cylinder.


4. Drying

Drying in a drying case at 100-200℃. After that, using a glass grinder or horn spoon to crush the remaining lumps.


5. Calcining

Putting the white corundum powder into the electric furnace or muffle furnace, and raising the temperature to 850 degrees Celsius, and then keeping warm for 5 hours.


6. Soaking

When the abrasive is used for inlay grinding and fine polishing, the abrasive needs to be soaked.



This is the process of making white corundum powder.

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