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How to make proppant

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The equipment used in the production line of bauxite proppant mainly consists of crusher, batching machine, ball mill, screening equipment.

(1) Crushing: The bauxite, with a block size of generally about 300~500 mm, contains a small amount of moisture. A double crushing system consisting of a jaw crusher and a hammer crusher is generally used to control its particle size to within 8 mm. After the bauxite comes into the plant, it can be stacked separately according to its grade. Manganese is usually added during the production of proppant to reduce the sintering temperature and to color the proppant.

(2) Dosing: Several kinds of materials such as bauxite, manganese powder and foundry returns are conveyed to their respective warehouses, and speed-controlled belt scales are set under the warehouses to realize automatic material dosage and measurement.

(3) Grinding: We generally use ball mill to grind bauxite into powder. The hot air for drying materials can come from the waste gas of rotary kiln to achieve waste heat utilization; or we can set up another hot air furnace.

(4) Ball Making: The raw material powder is fed into a small silo, under which a screw metering device or a speed-controlled belt weighing device is set to measure the raw material quantity. And then, the raw material is fed into the disk type pellet making machine.

(5) Calcining: These balls enter the rotary kiln with a certain slope for calcination. As the rotary kiln rotates, the balls roll towards the kiln head, while the coal powder is sprayed into the kiln from the kiln head for combustion. The balls are calcined in the rotary kiln to form high strength ceramic proppant.

(6) Cooling: The cooling of the newly produced proppant is generally done by rotary cooler, which is simple and reliable.

(7) Screening: The proppant from the cooler can be directly transported to the multi-stage vibrating screen and divided into multiple particle size grades as required.

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