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Is There Anything Waterjet Cannot Cut

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Waterjet cutting is known for its versatility and ability to cut through almost any material, but does even this technology have limits? Are there things a water jet cannot cut through?

It's better that the question is phrased this way, what cannot be cut by a water jet rather than approaching it from the opposite angle of things that a water jet can cut. To answer that we’d end up with a huge list covering metals, plastics, food, ceramics, glass… you get the idea.

The list of what cannot be cut by a water jet is far more limited.

A waterjet cutter might not be suitable for some composites as the water could seep between layers and so delimitate the material. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and so it is worth checking with an experienced water jet cutter if this is likely to be an issue.

It goes without saying that a water jet cutting machine is not going to be suitable for any material that has a reaction to water, anyone looking to get a big lump of salt or sand cut should look for a different technology, so too anyone who needs some caesium shaping as it would explode on contact.

A more likely consideration is the hardness of the material to be cut. The water jet is delivered at incredibly high pressure and is mixed with an abrasive garnet. This is enough to easily cut through most materials, even significant depths of metals such as steel, however a few materials are resistant to a water jet cutting machine’s charms.

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