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Low ash content refractory materials mullite sand, mulite powder for melt film casting

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  Mullite powder is sintered at a high temperature at about 1000 degree. So mullite has a higher refractory temperature up to 1750 degree. We are comitted to produce mullite, mullite powder  roduction of mullite, mullite powder products by the synthesis of high temperature calcination, crushing, dust, Raymond, in addition to iron and other production processes, with high aluminum content, low iron content, high refractory temperature, high bulk density, Thermal expansion coefficient is small, physical and chemical indicators of stability, specifications and other characteristics, mainly for melt film casting, 

Mullite Charateristics:

1. High refractoriness. 

2. High aluminum, iron content is low. 

3. High volume density. 

4.Thermal expansion coefficients of small. 

5. Dust content low

6. Fully calcined.

7 The specification standards

Mullite advantages:

1. Easy out of shell.

2. No deformation.

3. No reduced scale

4. Good brightness, good finish

5. Product rate is high.


1 Product is suitable for stainless stell, alloy steel, carbon steel,heat resistant steel, titanuum alloy, nickel alloy, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast copper complex precision casting and big, medium and small castings etc.

2 Products is suitable for precision casting, silicon sol investment casting, lost wax casting, cast steel, cast copper, vacuum casting, plaster filler v porcess, casting coatings, casting mold shell etc.

3 Mulite can be used for molding materials for investment casting, gypsum stuffing and vacuum suction casting etc. 

4 Mullite can be used in industrieds such as machinery, aerospace, weapons manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical engineering, petroleum, thermal insulation, sintering, building and so on.

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