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Materials Today : Bauxite (raw materials vs clinker)

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Bauxite in refractory industry usually refers to bauxite with alumina ≥75% and low iron oxide content after calcination. Bauxite is sintered at a high temperature of about 1350 degrees in Rotary Kiln or Shaft Kiln , then transformed from raw meal to clinker.

There are two kinds of bauxite: clinker and raw meal, but what's the difference between them?

The main difference between them is the different mineral types. The clinker is mullite. Bauxite is an alumina mineral containing crystal water.

Bauxite clinker(or you can call it as Mullite), referred to as high alumina clinker for short, is a solid block material calcined at high temperature in rotary furnace.(or in Shaft Kiln)

The main purpose of calcination is to remove crystal water and increase alumina content. The clinker is gray, light yellow and dark gray bauxite clinker. It is used in military industry, aerospace, communication, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment departments.

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