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Moisture-proof Work Of Garnet Sand

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The diameter of the common waterjet cutting nozzle is very small, and it must be mixed with the high-speed water flow through the sand channel pipe to obtain high-speed and strong kinetic energy for cutting and processing operations, which also makes it impossible to block the sand channel pipe with large particles. Once the garnet sand is damp, it may form small pieces.

Therfore, in order to avoid this problem, both suppliers and buyers should do a good job in the moisture-proof work of garnet sand.

1. When purchasing garnet sand, ensure that the drying process of the product is in place.

2. In the process of transportation, attention shall be paid to the protection work, and there shall be no dampness or rain.

3. During use and storage, it shall be placed in a dry environment, and the remaining sand shall be cleaned in time. The seal shall be fastened and well protected against moisture.

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