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Natural Garnet Abrasive Main Applications

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Garnet has been used for decades as an abrasive in water jet cutting and sand blasting because of its superior physical properties. When added to high pressure streams of water, garnet abrasive is capable of cutting through tough materials including steel, aluminum, stone, and Inconel.

With the variety of garnet abrasives available, how do you decide which is right for you? By understanding a little more about garnet, you are able to make an informed purchase on which type of abrasive would work best for your application.

●Sand blasting and polishing material

This is the most potential and widely used garnet abrasives field, because it is used in the industries that are closely related to the national production, such as shipbuilding, automobiles, pipelines, drilling platforms and other basic areas. Garnet blasting abrasives can easily reach the most strict industrial and military sandblasting requirements. Besides, it do harmless to the human body and environment, the working environment is good and it is an affordable price. Therefore, it can easily replace other traditional blasting abrasives.


Water cut grade garnet abrasive
This is one of the two applications in using garnets in domestic, which is mainly with the advanced cold water jet cutting equipment to cut and shape various materials. The quality of using the garnet abrasive has a great influence on cutting performance and the yield rate, especially in the ceramic tile, art glasses and fragile products of water jet medallion. It has been widely used in aviation, military, stone, construction, decoration and other refined processing enterprises.


Water Filtration

SEPPE garnet filter sand is a hard rock garnet and is mined from an almandite garnet deposit. It is ideal for use as the water filtration grained layer in multi-media systems. SEPPE garnet filter sand provides uniform physical characters, chemical and microstructure characteristics. There are no free elements. All oxides are combined.

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