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Precautions For Use Of Garnet Sand In Sand Blasting Process

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(1) Humidity of the air during garnet sandblasting

When the relative humidity in the air reaches 85% or the surface temperature of the object blasted with garnet sand is less than 3℃, the blasting operation shall be stopped.

(2) Time interval of garnet sand blasting and painting

Generally speaking, paint treatment shall be carried out immediately after the garnet sandblasting, so that the contact time between the sandblasted object and the air is short, and the dust and moisture content falling on the surface of the workpiece is small, which can maintain the best sandblasting effect and achieve a longer coating life. The best time interval between garnet sandblasting and painting is 4 hours. If the paint is not painted for more than 6 hours, secondary surface treatment must be carried out.

(3) Determination of moisture and chloride content of garnet abrasive

The requirements of garnet sandblasting for water and chloride content are lower than 1%. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the chloride index to reduce the production of soluble salt as much as possible, otherwise, the coating is easy to produce permeability blistering, and achieve corrosion and oxidation in the workpiece.

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