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Processing of sintered mullite

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1. Mineral separation and determine the appropriate formula based on the chemical composition of the raw materials. Different grade of the products, also different formula. Such as 45% content alumina grade mullite, 60% content alumina grade mullite, 70% content alumina grade mullite, etc.

2. After crushing the various raw materials needed, they are evenly mixed together, and wet-milled into a 325 mesh slurry with a water content of about 60%.

3. Most of the water is removed with a filter press and  dried to make the water less than 10%.

4. Remove metal impurities and squeeze the dry mud into sticks, then dry again to make the moisture less than 1%.

5. The dried stick slurry is calcined in a rotary kiln or a tunnel kiln. Depending on the product grade, the calcination temperature is also different, such as 45% mullite at 1500 degrees, 60% mullite at 1650 degrees, 70% mullite at 1750 degrees, etc.

6. After the calcination reaches the peak temperature, the temperature is slowly lowered to form the mullite ore phase.

7. After being completely cooled, it can be crushed, screened, bagged, etc.

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