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Refractory Fiber Shining Silver Suit

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Refractory fiber is one of the products of refractoriness materials, which has the effects of fire prevention, heat insulation and wear resistance. It is an efficient thermal insulation material. Fireproof clothing, gloves, helmet, boots are made of refractory fiber. It is indispensible if you do operation nearby high temperature equipment.

It is nessary that labors wear in fireproof suit working under extraordinary heat. Although the body parts wearing protective clothing would not directly contact with flames or burnable metal solution, the handle of the operated tools may be unbearably hot. 

SEPPE manufactures refractory materials. For instance, Calcined Bauxite with high alumina, refractoriness of up to 1780°C, strong chemical stability and good physical properties. It is suitable for fiber-produced enterprises to make a better products of fireproof suit.

For the safety of workers, it is suggested that qualified materials should be selected for fireproof fibers. Choose a regular manufacturer, SEPPE is trustworthy.


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