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Relationship Between Bauxite And Refractory

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Bauxite is mainly composed of aluminum oxide, which is a kind of gray white or brown yellow to light red (due to iron content) earthy mineral. The density is 3.45g/cm3, the Mohs hardness is 1-3, opaque and brittle.

Bauxite is often used as the raw material of high alumina refractories and fused brown alumina. Bauxite used in the refractory industry usually refers to the bauxite with calcined Al2O3>=48% and low Fe2O3 content. The refractoriness of calcined bauxite is up to 1780 ℃, with strong chemical stability and good physical properties.

Refractory precision devices or refractory bricks, refractory fiber felt and other materials produced with bauxite as raw materials are used in iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, machinery, electricity, environmental protection and even national defense.

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