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SEPPE Advantages in Waterjet Cutting

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hese characteristics enable our garnet more like a hard and sharp cutting tool to finish a faster cutting.

Better Edge Quality - According to the cutting material and edge quality requirement, there are various special and proper waterjet grades recommended that enable a better edge quGarnet comes in two basic forms, crushed and alluvial, the later being roughly similar to sand washed up on riversides. Our garnet for export is produced from our crystalline almandite garnet deposits. Thank to its sharp edges from crushing, this kind crushed garnet acts more like a sharp cutting tools so that it is superior to alluvial and have been shown to cut better and faster.


Sharper Edges Quality - As our Garnet is crushed from  rock, it acts more like a sharp cutting tools and can cut faster and more efficiently than alluvial garnet.

Faster Cutting Quality- Crushed and selected from hard rock so that SEPPE waterjet grade garnet produces harder and sharper edges than other waterjet abrasives. Tality. 

Less Dusty - SEPPE garnet has high garnet purity and very low dust. That makes the whole cutting course more smooth.

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