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SEPPE Brown Corundum is used to refractory material

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  Corundum, or alpha alumina, is the most thermodynamically stable form of alumina. In fact the term corundum is generally applied when the alpha alumina has been produced by a fusion process. The alumina source is melted, typically in an electric-arc furnace, then slow-cooled, with the objective of forming an alumina single crystal on a macroscopic scale. 

  Typically, alumina based raw materials are melted in a triphased electric arc furnace with a pivoting base. For white fused alumina the raw material is calcined alumina. However, for the production of brown corundum, bauxite and recycled products of white and brown corundum are melted, and also reduced using coke. This reduction fusion, generates a co-product: titanium ferrosilicon. It’s important to know how to deal with this to optimise the operation of the furnace and the quality of the production. To operate the arc furnace it is important to respect the following points:

  • to adapt the chemical composition of the melt to the specifications of the targeted product;

  • to adapt the electrical adjustments (power, voltage) to the targeted product and to the composition of the melt;

  • to adapt the flow and the spatial distribution of the products in the furnace to the injected electric power;

  • to seek chemical and electrical stability of the furnace 

Application Range:

Abrasive: Produce ceramic grind wheel, resinoid grinding wheel, Grinding stone, Grinding block, sand paper, sand cloth, sand belt, polish wax, abrasive paste, coating etc..

Refractory material: Mainly used for abrasion and high temperature resistant, inoxidizable aggregate and filling of shaped and monolithic refractory in steel metallurgy, various industrial stoves, electric furnace etc..

Sandblasting abrasive: Mainly used for various material workpieces to decontaminate, derusting, prevent corrosion, remove oxide skin etc..

Abrasion resistance ground: Mainly used for non-slip of airport and road, chemical factory board paving.

Precision casting: Investment casting technics of stainless steel and aluminium casting in coating.

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